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Hi someone is dropping the ball if your surgery was just denied the night before. You did not mention what it was for either. But i have had 10 spinal surgeries in the last 5 years and a lot of them are denied at first. Some times the doctors office does not send in a reqired piece of info. Did you get the reason why it was denied? ONce it was an x-ray for me that the insurance co had wanted. I had broken my neck and needed an extensive reconstructive surgery and i knew they couldn't just leave me like that so i went to the doctors office and called my insurance co and talked to both of them. I asked for them to just give me the darn x-ray and i would do the hour drive to the insurance co to deliver it. Suddenly everything went smoothly and the decision was reversed. Most of the times my surgeon must have a peer to peer review with the insurance co doc and that is when the decision is reversed. so far, knock on wood, they have always been overturned.
I have had one time it was cancelled as the surgeon decided we had a surgeon better equipped in the city to do my case so i understand the disappointment of having it all ready in your mind only to delay it by a lot. Good luck and make sure you post any more questions and let us know the good news when it is approved.

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