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Default A gift

I'd swear you've a gift for what you're doing since you went from a computer programmer (or a field closely related) to this incredible once debilitated spine patient to a PA that surgeons and researchers are seeking out for thoughts/opinions re spine all the time~

I love reading about what you're doing, who you're meeting, where you're going and so forth~ It's so inspiring as are the patients that are going thru this experience and coming out on the other side~ (good or bad since at least people are taking a chance at getting better and that takes guts!!).

As a former RN/NP I'd give right nut if I had one to do this type of thing!

These researchers and surgeons have my daily thanks and appreciation for what they are doing ~ I wish I could dig my heels into this stuff and be right there in the ORs (or is it ODs now?)!
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