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Default re your symptoms

I too think you need to see someone else and maybe several other doctors. Have you tried a University setting where you might get a multi discipline type of work up?

I've had cervical issues tho thus far not severe enough for surgery and have had 2 discectomies on my low back and recommended for further surgery on low back but never did any thing else. Have been on low dose opioid pain management therapy for 13 years re chronic pain (trying to wean off still) and was taking Neurontin 1800mg/day for 12 years re nerve related pain (plus 5 years of Elavil before that for same thing) which I stopped back in 2009 I believe.

I was an RN when originally injured. Went back to school and got my NP and had to go out on permanent disability in 2000 due to the degree of pain I was dealing with and inability to function in a work setting (back then barely in a home setting).

Sending you good thoughts and hope that you will find the doctors you need to give you better answers. Please keep us posted if you feel so inclined and let us know how you're doing and what you're doing. Maria
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