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Wow, I can't believe that I'm responding to a message titled mmglobal more than 4 months late. That is an indication of how things are. What's posted above is pretty much correct. Yes... mmglobal is a great guy!

I tell people that my ability to help is limited because of my situation I have not attended a surgeons conference since 2014 and have not been to Europe with clients for surgery since 2012. I'm no longer observing surgeries frequently, and I'm not spending much time with the doctors. Because of these issues, I believe that my data is 'stale' so it is of substantially reduced value. I believe that I can still help with decision support, providing some help in the way you evaluate the info you are getting and how much weight to give to many of the issues.

My problems seem to be thoracic, but there is no obvious culprit. The issue does not seem to be related to my surgeries, but one of my discs is substantially subsided. In most cases of subsidence I've seen, it yields a good result because that level should autofuse or remain mobile... either outcome is typically OK.

Yes, I still endorse ADR surgery as superior for most patients who are GOOD CANDIDATES for ADR. Having said that I will stand by what I've said for more than a decade now... if you need spine surgery you are facing future. All surgical options come with substantial risk of failure. Considering cervical ADR vs. fusion you risk different complications depending on which you choose. Whichever you chose, these can be serious.

That's all I can type now... I hope everyone had great holiday and new year's celebrations.

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PS. For those who know me... every other part of my life is great... Diane is retired, kids are great and we are up to 4 grandchildren now. Except for the every day thoracic pain, life is great.

Also... I will move this thread from travel to main forum as this is a mainstream topic, not travel.
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