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Sadly Dr. Zeegers has passed away last year, but his incredible work is in my lumbar spine as an Activ-L for 12 years now and walking on it everyday. RIP, Dr. Zeegers.

The Activ L ist the only other lumbar now approved in US and it is considered an advancement on the Pro-disc Lumber ADR device. Glad I saw Zeegers then waiting which would have been catastrophe. I feel the thing working everyday. It does have its limits like the bad pain on hyper extension and my impacted legs with painfull tendons and hanging up down there all the time swimming frog legs. Not complaining other then the remaining neuropathies that keep me on high doses of cannabis.

It takes times to heal I still improved 10 years out but could have pushed harder if the docs constantly told me not to lift anything other then a milk jug. When I returned to weight training all improved!

Take care Dr. Zeegers 😻👍🏻
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