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Default thanks for ending your sentence!!

Hey Lorna,
So glad you got back to write the rest of that sentence and then some!
Great post, very uplifting and very incredible to hear your story~
The doctors involved sound paramount to none that I've encountered (to date)~
Ok, would say more tho should be in bed lying with legs propped up on 5-6 pillows as tailbone/low back is killing me trying to sit here any longer!
BTW, have had 2 CSF leaks post myelogram requiring 7 days flat in bed in hospital with catheter in place, not raising my head at all, totally darkened room and all that ~ both my Neurosurgeons wouldn't do a blood patch on me even tho I asked them to... (back in '89 and '92). They preferred I just wait it out. The h/a's felt like a zillion pounds crushing my brain~

So glad ALL of that is over for you and You are now home, happy, and healthy!! take good care, please keep us updated! Maria
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