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Default Human-to-Human Disc Transplantation

Hello everyone

Just doing a bit of a research here and thanks to Mark I have seen info about the clinical trial (only on 5 people) they have done in China for cervical disc transplantation. They had good results 5 years after surgery but it's only on 5people. They have now transplanted on 5 more people with a more advanced technique and monitoring them. I was wondering if there are other clinical trials taking place in other parts of the world involving this technique. I have a feeling it won't be an easy progress considering artificial disc manufacturers may be trying to avoid or slow down the progress of this method. Sometimes I lose faith in the human ace when I see what pharmacetucial companies do.
Any info will be greatly appreciated..

Thank you

c5-c6, c6-c7 prolapsed discs, and some bone spurs

P.S Mark you are so wondeful to have started this website for educating and helping us. Thank you once again.
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