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Hi Mark

Good to see you back. Thanks for all this updated info. It's so depressing sometimes to see different treatments with different advantages but having at the same time different disadvantages. I really hope for all our sake for the ADR technology to be the "cure" for all spinies. I hope they will solve the facet degenaration problem that is mentioned in some of the cases because of ADR. Do you have any idea if they are working on this? And do you know anybody who did the cervical adr at Alphaklinik and ended up with facet deganaration? Mine is double the trouble, I need 2 levels done and I have some bone spurs to be cleaned out as well. But they say if you do not have pain, preemptive action is not reccomended. At the moment my symptoms (which were slight pins and needles feeling on my left arm, no pain) have diminished tremendously. I've been at home rest for a month now. Now if I get the adr I might end up having pain which I never had before..that is a possibility isn't it or am I wrong? Eventually as I age more (I am 39 now) , my bone spurs will become bigger and chances are high I will need this operation. Whi knows may be much earlier. I am then only thinking about Alphaklinik and you as my advocate. At the moment I am almost symptom free but something in me has changed forever after this diagnosis. Depression it is I guess...I am hoping to recover from soon.

If you have any info on anybody with adr from Alphaklinik I would love to hear their stories. I read some at Alphaklinik's website but they are not mentioning if they are compelety pain free and only a few cases are mentioned..

Thank you very much again Mark.

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