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Default Insurance Company

A very comprehensive answer Mark!

As I learn more about business stuff (I'm in an MBA cirriculum) - I am learning that many businesses have a conflict of interest of some sort or other.

With insurance companies - especially those that are publically traded, they really don't have a responsibility to us (in some ways maybe) - but they do have a responsibility to increase share holder wealth. Their goals are in alignment to attract customers that are low risk to increase revenues, prevent their customers from becoming "stop losses", and operate as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, it is all about the $$$. Atleast, that is what my profs have informed me time and time again - no matter what the industry is. I think that it is okay for a business to earn a profit. However, when certain ethics are involved, I begin to have delimmas. I feel as though if patients have paid their premiums and become ill or injured for whatever reason, why not cover them for the procedure that works the best for their particular case? Not every patient's medical condition can be painted with the same brush.

We as patients need to be our own advocates and be persistent / proactive with our healthcare needs. It takes lots of research, an open mind, and an objective eye (mind too).

Just my 2 cents

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