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Default removal of bone spurring during cervical ADR


Has anyone thats had ADR or ACDF surgery had bone spurs removed during surgery? If so do you know how it is done, and how was your overall surgical outcome? Has anyone had surgery from Dr Bertagnoli that involved removal of bone spurring along with the disc - and how did you fare afterwards?

It sounds to me like removing bone spurs could be a risky procedure compared to just pulling out disc fragments - what are others opinions on this - or is it fairly standard practice?

snowboarding injury 1997 landed on head, some subluxation of cervical vertebrae no surgery, some ongoing neck and shoulder pain but bearable.

surfing injury 2004 - transient paralysis from neck down for 15 seconds, resolved fully - herniated c5/c6 disc plus some bulging at c3/4/5. Initially had dermatome pain after injury which resolved - general parasthesia in arms/legs was fairly mild after injury but has been worsening.
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