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Default Instructions for posting on the Surgical Outcomes thread

Dear Friends,

I'm resurrecting a system that I started on another forum years ago. I had started it after recognizing the need to have the data organized, parameterized, and safe. I'm in the process of developing a replacement system that will include standardized formats and parameters. I also hope to add a database driven retrieval system.

For now, let's bring back my original system, started in 2003. Please feel free to comment on reporting system... other parameters that should be captured... presentation format, etc. Comment by replying on this thread.

In order to post,

1. view this thread.

2. Drag your mouse across the entire thread to highlight everything from Surgery date, to the end of the 6 year update.

3. press control-c or click edit/copy - this will copy the entire thread to your cut and paste buffer.

4. click "new thread" up at the top of the forum.

5. Make your new thread titled something like username levels device month year..... as in
mmglobal L4-S1 2-level Charite Sept. 2002

6. Paste the blank form into your post by pressing control-v or by clicking edit/paste

7. Edit the form to answer all questions.

I'll be reposting the old information and contacting as many posters as I can for updates. This will be exciting, because we'll be generating 5 year data.

If I post your information and you would rather not have it shared with the iSpine patient community, simply contact me and I'll remove it.

This is going to be very interesting!

All the best,

1997 MVA
2000 L4-5 Microdiscectomy/laminotomy
2001 L5-S1 Micro-d/lami
2002 L4-S1 Charite' ADR - SUCCESS!
2009 C3-C4, C5-C6-C7, T1-T2 ProDisc-C Nova
Summer 2009, more bad thoracic discs!
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