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Hello from Kodiak Island,

I'm a new member who has had 2 back surgeries within the last 12 months. When I was initially advised that I needed back surgery in August of 2005, I did a lot of research on my own and spoke with many other back surgery patients. After collecting a lot of information, I chose a well known spinal surgeon in the lower 48.

My first surgery in October 2005; an Axialif procedure that fused my L6-S1 via placement of cage, rod and screws, failed due to the absorption of artificial donor bone material. My second surgery in June 2006 repaired my first surgery by placing real donor bone material and more rod and screws in my back via a 360 degree spinal fusion. Unfortunately, when my first surgery failed, two more disc's tore; the L3-L4 and L5-L6 discs.

After my second surgery, the surgeon who performed my first two surgeries refused to see me or treat me anymore. To make things worse, my Alaskan back doctor just wanted to send me to a pain clinic. I felt as if no one understood what I was going through and that "I had been pushed out of line and no one would let me back in line". Things only got worse. After no relief from the second surgery, I lost my law enforcement job as an Alaska State Trooper. Something that I had been so very happy with for the past 15 years. Being at my wits end and a loss of all hope, I recently found someone to help me "get back in line". Mark Mintzer has been the light to the end of a very dark tunnel.

Contacting Mark was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Even though I saw Mark's web page early on in my research, I thought I could make the right decisions on my own. Well, things have changed and I can't express what doors have been opened for me since I first spoke with Mark just a few weeks ago.

On 10-10-06, my wife contacted Mark in a desperation to help me from my physical and mental pain. On 11-19-06, I get to meet Dr. Zeegers. On 11-20-06 I am going to meet Dr. Delamarter. I went from no one willing to treat me to meeting two of the greatest artificial disc doctors in the world.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to meeting everyone on Sunday. Eric
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