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This is the first time I've read this thread-thanks for moving it. I find it funny how often the date of Sept 19 came up in it. Funny to me because that was my surgery date, and the start of my new life.

Great updates on the site Mark!!

I would personally love to hear from anyone who's had a pregnancy after a lumbar ADR as that's my goal. My surgeon said at my 6 week follow up that I could start trying for a baby as soon as I was ready. (Gotta get off the drugs first)

It amazes me how different results on ADR are. I feel it's a miracle for me!Some people having continued nerve pain, but no back pain. I have very little nerve pain, mostly back. (`Course, I'm only 9 weeks out, and doing full rotations through the gym at PT) And the difference in disc height-I only had 1\6 of my disc left. (4mm-now up to 25mm) Shouldn't I have 5\6 of the leg pain? After 8 years of dealing with it, I'm amazed how little I have. So funny the differences!

Kathy, I was quite worried about my disc slipping until I read the thread here about the keel slot process. It was very informative, and put my mind at ease. I'd post a link here, but don't know how. I know it's on this forum tho because the info Mark had on it was great!!! Keep doing reasearch and talking to people here, you'll feel a lot better, I'd bet.
Herniated disc lifting at age 19
Laminectomy at L4-5 in 1998, repeat in 2001 same level
13 docs, 9 PT's, 8 Epidurals, 3 trigger point inj, 1 Facet Block, 1 Acupuncturist, 3 Chiros and 1 child later, had L4-5 ProDisc placed 9-19-06 by Dr. Janssen in Denver, CO. Facet rhizo March, 2007, November 2007, January 2009
Had healthy baby boy #2 in Dec 2008 with use of some meds during pregnancy and nursing.
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