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Hi Rob, Fortitudine:

One wonders whether or not the large bone spurs (bridging osteophytes) that commonly protrude from the front of cervical vertebra can be removed without provoking a cascade of: more bone growth, inflammation and ultimately degeneration of the treated levels which may lead/contribute to "auto-fusion". Apparently certain (out of USA) Dr.'s use "bone wax" to suppress bone re-growth where bone has been "ground off".

Does "bone wax" do the trick/is it effective? Does it last? Can it it be used in the vertebra canal as well as around the anterior (in this case an ADR procedure is mostly anterior) surface of the vertebral body?

The common "lore" in USA spine surgery particularly ADR surgery is to avoid removing bone in the areas discussed above for fear of causing a degenerative cascade resulting for example in auto-fusion at the treated levels.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Good luck.

BTW: With all due respect to the fantastic practitioners who implant the Prodisc-C what is the bone "reaction" to the keel notch cut into the vertebral body? If there is fear of a growth/inflamation cascade due to the removal of osteophytes on the exterior of the vertebra are the same consequences to be expected from bone remove from the outside of the vertebra?
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