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Cool Bone Spurs, not the ones for Silver, The stuff of Auto Fusion. Yuck!@%!@%$!@

Hi Other Spiney Persons:

As I understand it, another significant problem with anterior "bridging" osteophytes, the ones that protrude "beak-like" from the front of the C-spine vertebra, is that such vertebra are prime candidates for auto-fusion, which intuitively implies that they must be removed, bringing us back to the topic of "Bone wax", or some other method for supressing the regrowth of removed bone.

A level fused around an ADR is still just a mighty fancy fusion. Ditto in terms of lack of mobiity at the operated level, as to ROM the result is the same as if that level had been fused instead of implanted w/ADR.

Or so it looks to me. Is "bone wax" the way to avoid this outcome?

Enquiring minds want to know! ASAP!!! Like yesturday!

Happy overeating day.

Good luck.

Cervical Spine Requires Treatment.
Cervical ADR seriously contemplated.
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