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Red face It's the Surgeon Stupid!

Originally Posted by mmglobal
Saturday, I had Zeegers as a captive teacher for many hours as we traveled trom Munich to Nijmegen (Holland) together... about 4 hours in transit. We discussed the use of bone wax pretty extensively. He's used it for decades in various orthopedic applications. Zero infections.... never had a problem related to bone wax. It's an interesting compound that is frequently misused. It must be used sparingly... apply it and wipe it all off.... the minor amount that remains does it's job.
Reminiscent of that famous Bill Clinton campaign slogan: "it's the economy stupid".

It seems that no matter what the aspect of surgery the single most important qualitative variable is the: THE DOCTOR!!!! I think we in this country tend to forget this being subjected to wholesale 15 minute slivers of "medicine". We are taught little commonsense, how much do kids get commonsense from a 5-10 hr a day diet of GrimTime TeeVee? And how much commonsense have you gotten from your doc lately? So mostly the bone wax (does Zeegers use bee's wax & paraffin?) is a tempest in a candlestick holder. And so it goes.

Mark: as usual, thanks for the info..

Good luck!

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