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Red face ATTENTION: Dale Re Nerve Damage

Hi Dale, just read your response to Kathy and was interested to hear exactly what sort of pain ur' having. I have had a 1 leval "Maverick" adr at L5-S1 and things have gone downhill since! My leg pain is in both legs from hip to toes and feels like burning steel!! I have had a Neurostimulator inserted on the 20th Ictober this year but doesn't seem to be doing the job. I have just sent all my MRIs' and info to the ALPHA KLINIK and am getting them to review my case before I make the trip over there (from Australia)!! Seems like everyone on the isine sit has had charite adr success but has anyone had Maverick success?. Please contact me on if you have the time Dale. I feel like no-one understands my pain and i am sooooo sick of pts and Drs telling me to"get used to" chronic pain like I am a whinger!! I have had 4 kids naturally with no drugs, I can handle pain but if only they knew! Dale, is there anything you do ( besides heatpacks) that is working?? Thanks for your patience! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Lorna
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