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Default **NEW** MRI Question

Hi there,

I am new to this whole "back pain" world!! I am happy to have found this site especially today!!

I just got home from an MRI appointment. I hurt my back in January after falling on ice. I don't know how people do this EVERYDAY!!! I can't STAND the pain that I am feeling, it KILLS!!

Anyways, I just have one simple question....

Is it normal for me to be in SO MUCH PAIN after an MRI? I understand the pain I had during the MRI and having to lay there for 30 minutes and not being allowed to move, BUT OMG!!! I am in SERIOUS UNRELENTING pain at the moment, any movement catches me and sends a shock through my low back and down my left leg. I think I am almost worse now than when I went in, since I have never been through this before I am just hoping that maybe someone could fill in the blanks for me.

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