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Let me add my welcome as well. There is a lot of helpful people here.

I'm sorry for your pain, and can only echo what others have said. Talk to your doctor about getting stronger meds. If it is bad enough, go to the ER, or clinic. If your doctor is hesitant about giving you meds that are strong enough to control your pain, ask about a pain management doctor, or find another doctor. Some doctors don't like to give strong pain meds, but when you need them they are warranted.

Good luck with figuring out what is going on, and in getting your pain under control. Hopefully we can help you as well.

46 years old. 12-15 years of intermittent pain, 2 years with constant pain.

DDD, L4-5 and L5-S1, pain confirmed by discogram.
PT, ESI's, Facet injection and block, Acupuncture - all no help.

2-level (Prodisc-L) ADR surgery with Dr. Bertagnoli, May 26, 2009.

Currently taking Opana-ER (tapering off) and oxycodone
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