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Originally Posted by treefrog View Post
What is the best way to make travel arrangement to Germany? Using a travel agent, or do it yourself? If do it yourself, online or calling airlines?

I think what I want to do, is fly coach to Germany and then business class coming back (if it is feasible). My back is not horrible (and I am pretty small so leg room isn't an issue), so I think I can stand a normal coach seat for the flight over.

Any tips on making these arrangements?
I used a travel agent at the time of my 2-level ADR in 2003, as I was only 23 at the time and had only been overseas one time.

This time around I'm definitely setting things up myself. However, I have to say that my Dad uses a travel agent for his travel and the packages they come up with everything included (airfare, hotel, tours, etc.) are super "cheap" compared to booking everything individually.

Airline deals abound online these days, especially with the current economy. I've always had great experiences with sites like expedia, etc.
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