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Mary, I am soooo sorry. I have always thanked the lord above that my back problems hit after my daughters had grown up. I would not have been able to cope at all otherwise.

My only suggestion would be to find some pain meds that don't wipe you out so badly. I went through about six different kinds that almost put me in the hospital from side effects before my PM doctor switched me to short acting Morphine (Statex). It made me a bit drowsy at the beginning, but I can function much better on that than anything else. I certainly would be able to look after a child with it. Driving isn't such a good idea though

That may be your answer. I can't even take long acting morph, as it has almost no effect on me, so I am just up 3 or 4 times a night...have to for bladder problems anyway, so just take the meds at the same time. And it is a very effective drug too.

Hang in there, my dear. It will get better, somehow, someway. Hugs.
Herniated discs C4/5 & 5/6, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1
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All conventional therapy exhausted, including spinal injections, PT, massage, etc.
In appeal with Gov't Insurance for Out-of-country coverage for ADR hybrid surgery of above discs.
Recently discovered that I am severely allergic to all common metals used in surgical hardware except for Titanium.

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