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Would Amiah be happy if she were lying on the bed next to you getting cuddled or propped up against a pillow at her back and cuddled into you for attention.

I had no children because of my back problems but I worked with premature infants/babies/maternal child health care/OB-GYN for a good part of my career and there were those days when my back was on the verge of going out and I just couldn't stand to do anything hardly but the one thing that saved me in the nursery was the rocker.. I could rock a baby to sleep or comfort holding them during a feeding or in between feedings and ease some of the pain off my back with this.

I don't know how old Amiah is so this may not work because she's too old like in her toddlerhood stages for which I would strongly suggest seeing if you can get some help with taking care of her as that age is run, run, run and never turning your back as anyone with children knows and the very reason I couldn't have done this beautiful thing myself re having kids.

I'm really sorry to hear about your husband and I hope you will be able to get some help with your daughter tho with every move you make think about your body mechanics in terms of picking her up ~ do it from stool or somewhere that you don't have to bend down so much or put her on the bed and lift her ... (how much does she weigh?)

That was another difficult thing for me was lifting normal weight infants. I had trouble with my niece when she was 2 months old as she wanted to be carried all the time and then if you stood still she would start crying her eyes out so I put her in the infant car seat and would rock that back and forth and back and forth... she would be quiet!

Adaptations as your daughter grows as she will get heavier and you're going to have to think about how you can handle picking her up as you mentioned and holding her, dressing her and so forth.

BTW, have you seen a good Pain Management doctor? I don't know if pain meds and caring for an infant go hand in hand.. I kinda think not but then again if you cannot get out of bed to function hardly that's even worse...

Ok, Mary.. I know this is really difficult and I surely wish that whatever needs to be done re your spine is going to be taken care of, authorized, assisted by some modality because I know you must be in a great deal of physical pain and also emotional anguish re the proper care of your daughter.

Cyber hug...
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