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Originally Posted by Katie View Post
Thanks so much! My husband and I will spend the evening making reservations, etc. My daughter just moved up from CT, and said that Super 8s didn't mind their Great Dane at all, so I'll check them out also. I just got in the door, and have a lot to do before tomorrow morning.

You guys are such a great help. I wish I could repay you all some how.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.
No problem...I was going to suggest Super 8, as I stayed at one once when I was making my move out to Philly with my cats and dogs. It was relatively cheap, but the place was incredibly dirty--I didn't want to suggest it because if you stayed in a room similar to the one I had, you would have made a special trip to Philly just to give me a piece of your mind.

Good luck with Dr. Bitan and do keep us posted, as we do care.
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