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Question May Be Understanding

Terry and Mark,

Thanks for responses. After more googling, maybe I understand this??

I had two choices, since my diagnosis was surgery not elective because of spinal cord impingement. I needed fusion or ADR. Chose ADR for more movement. Dr. B thought ADR was appropriate even though Dec '07 MRI showed "some degenerative changes in facets at C3-4". Was beginning to doubt Dr. B's decision, silly me! ADR may provide enough height to actually improve facet problems, maybe not. ProDisc-C or deterioration from aging, 16 mos. since last MRI, may be the culprit in facet pain.

Correct or close so far, even though stated in layman's language?

The facet at C3-4, where the PM doctor will administer a facet nerve block, might be causing pain. So will have the block. Since they are only temporary, don't want the block to work since that would mean facet problems exist. I am just hoping it's musculature. Won't worry until later!

And yes Terry I'll try to be more patient since I'm 69 yrs. young and only 1yr post op from 4 cervical ADR's, 15 mos post-op from knee surgery, 9 mos from gall bladder surgery, 4 mos cataract surgery. Know these are mickey mouse surgeries, but all take a toll.

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