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Default Mary and baby

Dear Mary,

My heart goes out to you and your little one. One thing that helped me continue watching my grandchildren after surgery was an electric hospital bed. With a remote control I could lower the bed enough that my one year old granddaughter could pull herself up without help. Her three year old brother was very happy to be in control of raising and lowering the head or foot of the bed as needed (or not!).

Others on this site know more about pain meds than me....please take their advice and find a good pain management doctor to help you. There are several choices when it comes to managing pain. Keep trying until you find the best combination of relief without too many side effects

Is there a volunteer center near you? If so, could you contact them to see if there is a surrogate grandparent or auntie that could help with your little one? I work with a young mom who does not have family nearby. Somehow she and her daughter were connected with a retired couple that didn't have any children or grandchildren. It was a match made in heaven!

Like others here, I wish I lived close enough to help you. Please keep all of us updated on your situation. We care!

Hugs, Melody
12/29/08- 3 level ADR Prodisc C in Seattle
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Felt great in 20's and 30's....late 30's started having chronic neck and lower back pain. By 40 pain worsened enough to begin seeking surgical solutions.

ADR surgery much easier recovery than fusion!
This site has been a great source of information for me! I would be happy to help anyone who has questions.
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