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Default Couldn't IMAGINE!!


I couldn't IMAGINE what it is you are going through. I am SO sorry for the loss of your husband. You must be devastated!! Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!

I have to say this to you. You have found the right place, the people on here are the most caring people one could ever have the chance to get to know. They are here for you through the good, the bad & the ugly. Never do they pass judgement.

You are a very young lady with ALOT on your plate. I have read through alot of these replies and I have to agree with the idea that you should check your area for churches, groups etc that may be able to offer you help. What about a daycare for your daughter? Even if it is only a couple days a week, at least it will give you a chance to rest.

I wish I was able to come and help you out. My heart breaks for you!!

PLEASE keep us posted on how you are doing and don't forget that we are here for YOU!!

Wishing you nothing but the best always!!

'NEVER look down at anyone, UNLESS you are helping them up.'
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