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Have you had a MRI scan yet?

If not then that will be important for the doctor to know what may be going on in your back.

Explain to the doc how you hurt, where you hurt and how long you have been hurting. If there are particular things about physio that made you hurt then tell him as that is important as well. If you have issues like numbness, pain down the legs etc make sure you mention all of this.

I seem to recall that you recently reinjured your back rather badly after having had problems for a while already. It is true that back injurys do heal and I have learned over the many years of having these problems that it takes time and that it is really easy to re injure by "making the wrong move". The Doc should order Xrays and MRIs. Try to be as relaxed as you can given all the pain you are in and don't worry about the xrays etc. These are good things, they are safe to do and will tell you wheather there is in fact something that should be worked on or if it is the kind of thing where it is worth to try and heal then rush to a surgery. Then you would want to give it a chance before doing a procedure. I waited literally 10 years. So explain really good what your problem is. If you can take someone with you who will also listen to what the doc says that can really help as when one is nervous you might only hear part of what the doctor says. Try to concentrate on what he says. Try to be composed. He is there to help you, gather as much information as possible. Your questions will come by themselves. Make sure you ask them as soon as they pop up in your mind.

Ask about MEDs! the doctors sometimes like to forget to write a script....

I am sure you will be ok and I hope you do get some meds written up to help with the pain. When I finally insisted on some they really did help me get moving again which over all helped my back heal up.

Good luck
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