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You have given sage advice from above. This is from the top of my head; as I'm beat, I'll probably reiterate w/is said.

Where are you? Maybe someone knows of some excellent doctors there?

Now you must learn to be your own advocate and be assertive. Always request doctors' records and keep your films (x-rays, MRI, or CT) at home in a safe place. You can get copies where you are imaged.

At minimum you need an MRI. Also (I only know about lumbar pain), flexion x-rays.

If your MRI doesn't show that you are at risk of spinal cord compression and/or Cauda Equina Syndrome (these may indicate you need surgery ASAP), your spine doc may prescribe physical therapy, an epidural/steroid localized injection, or other tests (like nerve testing if you have nerve pain/numbness).

It's standard that one gets about 3 opinions from excellent docs before going under the knife which is a big deal.

I'll try to find something specific about relevant questions to ask.

Best of luck to you. Sorry you're in this club. - Allan
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