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Default oh yes..

Just like with my car when the repair person says "it's needs.." and I say "how long can xyz last w/o this repair?".. that's pretty much what I would ask the surgeon if he suggests surgery post MRI.

And then as ans mentioned I'd be sure to get at least one other surgical opinion, not from anyone in the same group, not from the first guy or gal that the surgeon might offer if you ask for 3 names and not from someone that only does fusion surgery if that's what your surgeon recommended but ADR is a possibility.

I skipped way ahead to surgery w/o mentioning any of the conservative treatments which would be physical therapy and epidural injections both of which helped me at differing times and BTW, from point of diagnosis for me to point of first surgery there was a 7 year in between time frame. After I had my 1rst spine surgery in '89, I had a 2nd in '92. By 1998 I was recommended to have another which I did not do (3 level global fusion) and then in 2003 was Ok'd for 2 level ADR trial (didn't do) and in 2006 a hybrid surgery with ADR at L4 and fusion at L5S1 was authorized and again - didn't do it.

I chose pain meds and epidurals because of the relief I get with these *so far* and because I don't want to be unavailable for my 87y.o. father who lives alone across country from me.. it's difficult to travel but so far I can do it and I pretty much know what shape I'm in now and I just want to leave things status quo for now.

Anyway, certain things necessitate surgery immediately and other things can wait or at least there can be a trial of conservative therapy and then if all of this fails one will progress on to surgery.

again good luck. I'm unable to sleep tonight so just thought I'd pop back in here...
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