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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone watched the today show "The DoctorsTV" airing from California, where this lady has gone through an "experimental" back surgery.

Worth checking the website. Welcome

Beating Back Pain

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Beating Back Pain is discussed on the episode "Stop Your Bad Health Habits Right Now!" MORE...

Elizabeth, 44, has suffered from extreme back pains ever since she tripped over construction materials in her house, rupturing three disks in her neck in 2007. To alleviate the pain, she underwent a cutting-edge, experimental spinal fusion procedure using stem cells. Cadaver bone treated with adult stem cells is used to help connect and fuse the bones together, healing like a fracture would, explains Dr. Larry Deutsch, who performed the procedure on Elizabeth. “We have to fool the body into thinking this has to heal together,” he says.

Just one month after the surgery, Elizabeth already sees results. “I’m feeling a lot better than I did before the surgery,” she says. “My leg pain is gone, the pain in my butt is gone, numbness in my toes is gone. So, I’m doing alright!”

• Watch Elizabeth's cutting-edge surgery

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