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Default Finally got MRI radiology review notes on neck

So, today my MRI of cervical spine radiology notes came in the mail. And, my SI Joint Fusion doc said he really did not want me to have a steroid injection. (he called me before my results came in mail) I asked him if I could have a rhizotomy instead, and he said yes. So now I am waiting on the phone call to see if my neck doctor thinks that procedure would help relieve my pain. I called the neck doctor's office, but he is up in St. Cloud today, and she wasn't sure when he would start returning phone calls. Knowing my luck, I'll probably miss him when I step out to get my INR lab work done.
Well, bad news on my MRI report. It reveals severe foraminal stenosis at the right C6-7, the side of neck and shoulder that is hurting me. Also severe foraminal stenosis at C4-5. At C4-5 there is left sided foraminal stenosis. Facet arthropathy is seen at multiple levels. I'm just hoping that the rhizotomy will be enough to do the trick to relieve me of the pain. I'm down. Just when I feel like I'm getting my life back.....I gotta get out of the house. I feel like I am about to start wailing.
bicycle accident 6/01: 2 compression fractures @ T12-L1; vertibroplasty; 4/06: right hip labral tear & arthroscopic repair; 4/07: lumbar prodiscs @ 3 levels, L3-6 by Dr. Bertagnoli; 7/02/08: ALIF L6-S1; 7/30/08: reopened to remove bone cement, leaked onto S1 nerve root; 8/08: pulmonary embolism, double pneumonia, collapsed left lung, pleurisy, pleural effusion; ALIF fusion complete; 3/10/09: SI Joint Fusion by Dr. Stark; Jury still out.
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