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So, so sorry. Why don't they want you to have steroid injections after fusion? Will have to look up rhizotomy - so much to learn .

Does a trip to the ice cream store help! Call some gal pals and have lunch. You have to do things to keep that misery in the background. It ain't easy. You've been thru so much, please hang in there.

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Sandy
**Accidents, active life-style, always some back/neck pain controlled w/ibuphrofen
2004 excessive pain, x-ray, PT, MRI diagnosis cervical DDD
**PM recommended, meds, PT, massage therapy, chiropractor, injections
**Dec. 2007 numbness and weakness in left arm/thumb, x-rays, MRI, discs at C4-7 pushing on spinal cord, fusion or ADR out of country
**April 7, 2008, discogram at C3-4, surgery 4 levels, Prodisc-C, Dr. Bertagnoli, Germany
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