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I cannot believe you continue to have so many problems, it is more than frustrating and you do not deserve this. It would be great if you could be treated with less invasive procedures. I hope the rhizo helps. Will it address the problem? Have you tried ice? I am sure you have tried everything. I know that feeling of having to get out I hope you go for a little while but don't overdo it, you are still recuperating and you don't want to make anything worse.
Cervical fusion C4-6 March 2002
Fall on tailbone causing sciatica and back pain April 05
Conservative Treatment and PM for 2 years
Discogram concordant pain @L4-S1 Aug. 07
Prodisc ADR's at L4-S1 November 2007
Foraminotomy July 08 for Sciatica
Continued problems and back pain worsened
Prodiscs removed and discs fused at L4-S1 Feb. 09
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