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Originally Posted by SandyW View Post
What I wanted to ask you guys before I talk to the doctor - The nerve block or a possible ablation may take care of the nerves, if that what's causing the pain, but what should be done with the muscle pain, or Will muscle pain go away if the nerve block works? If not, can they do trigger point injections along with nerve blocks? Should I try manual myofascial release during the nerve blocks. I'm going to the massage therapist tomorrow, Will that cause a problem while the nerve blocks are being done. You always think of questions after you leave and even if you have questions it's hard to get them to answer - your on your tummy with your face in a hole and nobody listens to you - I could hear the doctors talk and tried but no luck.

I think that the facet blocks can take care of the muscular pain if the pain is referred. I had a lot of symptoms like fibromyalgia that went away after my ADR surgery. A lot of that pain was referred pain from the injury that transferred in to my muscles and myofascial area. I have also noticed the same thing with the facet blocks that pain I had in the surrounding muscles went away when the injections started to work. Just to be on the safe side they can always pop a few trigger point injections in to the muscles that are aching.

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