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Default How would you respond to being the 1st?

Hello Allan,
I thought you would get some enjoyment from this :0

My No. Cal Kaiser surgeon offered to do my 2nd ADR as his 1st ADR surgery! Wow! I was in shock! I thought maybe he had not done many.... but zero? And then for my 2nd ADR at an adjacent level? Is he insane? Maybe not insane but at the very least overconfident. He said he would call the manufacturer, get the instrumentation figured out, and do my surgery. He did not say that he would have someone with experience in ADR join him or anything.

Needless to say, I respectfully declined. I will spend 30k before I be someones 1st case on my 2nd level. My hat is off to all those who may have gone 1st.
MVA 2005 - impinged and displaced cord at C5/C6
Prodisc C5/C6 2006 Germany - Dr. Bertagnoli
C6/C7 no bulge, just tears and fissures.
Multiple ministrokes 2009 prevents ADR surgery
As of 10/2010 no relief on radicular C7
Trying to arrange C6/C7 prodisc
FDA has not approved for 2nd Levels on cervical.
Headed to Germany as soon as I am cleared for surgery.
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