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Hi Josh,

Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us but I'm sorry for you pain. I'm glad Jill was able to provide some referrels for you. I do think this post is best on its own thread. Perhaps Mark will move it.

To answer your questions, though any surgery, especially spine surgery is not without risk, I've never heard of an ADR slipping and hitting an artery. So far, I know of no ADR wearing out but the jury is still out since this science is not old enough to gather a lot of long term statistics. But then again, if your pain is severe enough, your only other option is fusion, not that great an option for someone so young.

There are many ADR recipients that put their respective discs through pretty drastic paces, bowling, tennis, skiing - even a police officer is back on duty and so far, the ADRs are holding up great.

You also need to understand that fear is a part of this whole process. We all experience(d) crippling fear in living with extreme pain, making whatever decision to move forward or not, and awaiting surgery. But I'd like to add a great big caution. Spinal surgery is a huge decision that alters your spine forever. Making an INFORMED decision is just as important as your choice of doctors. There's no going back and should you choose an ADR, revision is difficult. Please get yourself educated. Ask your doctors questions. Get second opinions. Ask us questions.

Then you also have insurance issues to deal with as most won't cover ADR surgery - though some are beginning to come around.

I do wish you good luck as you begin this journey, Dale
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