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Hi J and welcome to the forum,

I am so sorry for your friend. I know how scarry this is.

I can only speak from personal experience. I have no idea if this is similar to your friend's circumstance or what might have caused the paralysis. I had a lumbar 3 level in 2005 (coming on my 5 year anniversary). During the surgery, the nerve root to my left leg was irritated. Exactly what this means I cannot tell you. I awoke from surgery not able to move or feel either of my legs. I was started on Neurontin. Within a few days, my right leg began to return, now about 90%, but my left leg did not begin to come back for about 6 months and even now is only 60-75%. Also, a few days after surgery, even though I had limited feeling, both my legs became hypersensitive to any touch, including the weight of the blanket. For months I had to sleep with leggings so nothing would touch my legs. Even today, my left foot and ankle burn all the time, mostly mild but sometimes not.

If this is nerve related, they respond very slowly, if at all. Nerves and nerve regeneration are still mostly a mystery to the medical community. I assume a nerve conductivity test has been done on your friend but then again, perhaps this is something completely different. Please give us more details. Who did the surgery and what was done? To what clinic is your friend being moved? What are the doctors saying? Were any of these symptoms present prior to surgery? What meds, if any, are being used to treat this? Has there been any improvement at all since the symptoms began?

Please keep us posted and I wish your friend well.

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