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Hi Kathy and welcome,

Though this forum is new, I know of no other person, other than doctors, who are more knowledgable than Mark in the ADR world.

Your overload and panic is understood by all that went before you. You're questions are reasonable. I understand that Dr. Bitan is a top surgeon and he should be able to answer all of your questions. I suggest that you write them down, at least the ones you can think of, and bring it with you tomorrow.

You are about to enter a world that is very confusing and frustrating so take a deep breath. To the best of my knowledge, only one woman is now pregnant and there has been a lot of discussion on the subject. It was suggested that you wait at least one year post op and Dr. Bitan might have an opinion so ask him. If all goes well, you should, when sufficiently healed, be able to shovel the snow. Very few discs slip out of place and your surgeon's skill is a major factor, and you're in good hands. Yes, a discogram is painful if done without anesthesia and each doctor has his own preference, but the pain lasts for less than a second and by the time you feel it, it's over. I panicked about that for a long time and I can assure you, it was a waste of my energies.

So slow down... you don't have to hurry and there is no rush. Talk to Dr. Bitan and compile a list of concerns and try to research them until you're satisfied with your own knowledge. Let us know how your consultation went and we'll see how else we can help. I think you'll find adr people very sympathetic and full of ideas and knowledge to help you through this.

I wish you good luck, Dale
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