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Default Finally have an answer Regarding below the waist symptoms!!!

Wow!! After all these years of my cervical issues causing me so much symtomology below the waist, I now finally have an answer from one of the top cervical/urologists in dallas. What I dont understand is why so many spine surgeons don't know what this urologist told me. It befuddles me that spine specialists don't know what I was told. Every spine specialist i saw told me they have no answer as to why i have these issues downstairs and several even told me that cervical issues cannot cause below the waist problems. For a refresher for everyone here regarding my history, every time I've had severe cervical pain, I would also simultaneously experience tenderness in my groin and spinchter areas. For example, whenever I would simply change positions in bed or get up I would have strong tender painful spinchter contractions. And it would be painful just sitting or walking at times. I also experienced cold sharp pinching sensations in my rectum. And I had pain on the side of my hips. And currently I have slight urinary incontinence post urination along with pulsating painful contractions. All this eminating from cervical issues. NONE of the many world leading surgeons could ever explain it. They were simply at a loss. Mark did not know what to make of it either other than to say "it happens as all patients are unique in their symptoms". Well, what I was told was that my symptoms are not too uncommon for those who have "failed back syndrome" or simply whenever one suffers from spine pain. The reason is that the nerves in your waist are the same nerves as in your spine. I believe he called them "c" nerves. He said severe pain occurring anywhere in the spine can "POLLUTE" the entire "c" nerve pathway! This can cause havoc below the waist as these areas are all interconnected via the "c" nerves. He said the fact that my below the waist symptoms always cleared up post surgery after my cervical pain was resolved is classic. And I've noticed that the cervical pain and below the waist problems always went hand in hand. Even now, when I go through periods of less cervical pain, I also have less to no below the waist issues. As of late, 120mg of cymbalta has knocked out 90% of my pain thus far,....and guess what? 90% of my below the waist symptoms also disappeared. Everything this urologist has said makes sense.

Anyways, so this explains how you can have clean films with no spinal cord compression etc yet have quite unpleasant below the waist issues.

Mark- I hope this helps you help someone else who experiences the same thing . I wish someone could have told me of this possibility back in 2006 As it would have given me great peace of mind to have an answer. Apparently, pain in and of itself can cause havoc in other areas of the body that are connected on the same nerve type pathway. Why the world leading surgeons and all of the pain mgt specialists dont know of this is completely befuddling. They should know this stuff!!! I spent years with With spine doctors just shrugging their shoulders whenever I complained about these symptoms. It took a urologist to give me the answer.
2/26/09 - c4-c7 3 level ADR Prodisc Nova with Dr Bertagnoli. 100% success.

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9/20/10 - I think I jinxed myself. As soon as I told dr b and dr Sullivan I was doing well (on 6/1/10) I tanked and have experienced the return of pain. My neuro says the new pain is at t4.

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