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My blood boils when I read stories like yours. Without knowing your specifics on where you live, insurance and financial situation, it's difficult to make recommendations but here goes;

Do not mention any lawsuit when talking to any other doctor but by all means, seek out another or more opinion about the screws touching your spinal column. Soimething can be done about this and should be as soon as possible. Your new doctor will order an MRI.

Also, talk to another lawyer. If you believe your current one is unethical, you don't have to stay with him. Hopefully, you can at least get future sugeries and medical costs taken care of if this doctor told you one thing and did another, regardless of signing the consent form. Your lawyer is the best one to give you advise but out of all my surgeries, most consent forms were presented to me in the hospital and some even after mild sedation. That can be construed as a type of duress but I am not a lawyer.

Until you've tried all avenues of relief, this pain does not have to be permanant. Good luck,

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