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Glad you're home and doing better. As I see it, once you have one scar, it doesn't matter anymore, except of course the pain of the incision healing.

I think sitting is difficult for anyone with a spinal surgery. If you have a recline, you might find it more comfortable - in fact, when you're up to it, you might want to buy yourself your own chair suited to your comfort. It does get better but I still can't sit for a very long time.

I hate hospitals and am not surprised that things didn't go easier on you. Once, when I was set to leave the hospital, my nurse couldn't be found and no one else could (or wouldn't) do the paperwork????? I really didn't think the care I received in Germany could be that much better but it was. And btw, should you ever -God forbid- find yourself in the hospital again, tell your roommates and guest to shut up and more. You have a right to privacy with your doctor and rest when you want it.

Buy hey, you're home now and can make your husband as miserable as you please until full payment is received for turning his phone off!

Hope your recovery goes well and you're pain free in short order.

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