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Put your husband and kids on the line! Listen up family. You supposedly love this woman as your wife and mother yet you let her suffer because you won't pick up the slack. As a spine patient, I find bending over the sink very painful. My family knows this. They work with me, not against me.

A woman feels it's her responsibility to keep the house in order. Your wife, your mother is the same. If you pick up after yourself, clean whatever needs cleaning, wash whatever needs washing, you are sparing her a painful experience. 10 minutes of your time is little to ask but a huge burden off of her back. You would want no less for yourself.

Back to Judy,

Get back into bed or whatever place you find comfortable and leave your family to themselves. Whatever they do gets done. Whatever they don't, doesn't. Stop pushing yourself and give yourself the time you need to heal!

Soapbox - done.
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