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Unusual activity on bank account??????

Sounds a little fishy and to protect yourself, especially with no communication, it can't hurt to close the account or at least withdraw most of the money. If your husband accuses you of anything your response would be that if he talked to you, you wouldn't have had to take such a drastic step. But, both Maria and I drew the same conclusion!!!!!!

To appease Mark, though I'm sure he doesn't mind - I stopped taking Celebrex a few weeks ago. It's one of two black listed meds I take and I've been on it for 6 years so... I really do need this drug but will probably not go back on. The burning in both of my feet has increased drastically, especially when laying down. I cannot get comfortable in bed at all. The sensitivity of the skin on my left ankle has also increased to the point I try not to touch it. Though I hate the heat of the summer, I dread the cooler weather's need for shoes. Good news though, I thought my thigh would be my biggest problem - not so. It is still mostly numb with almost no muscle tone but the pain did not increase.

Good luck with your lawyer appointments~

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