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Went to workers comp court hoping the could find me a pain manager. Me & my attorney were yelling at each other because I told him he would be defending me harder aginst a detox had we had more face time together. He was offended by that as much as I was offended he went along with the 10 detox. I detoxed 2x this month and told the judge that. She said its the worst thing I can do and also said LYRICA is a widely abused drug too and I need to come off of that also. The ONLY doctor who has seen me in thae past 5 months (my primary care) wrote me a letter for court advocating pain management for me.
The judge said Liberty Mutual can pick whoever they want for me and they want me at a "clean slate". Easy for them to say. If you treat patients like a piece of meat maybe they;ll act like it eventually?

So Im preparing for detox AGAIN and the 9/10 pain that accompanies it. Im going to have to warn them that I tend to bang my head against the floor when I dont sleep for days and have horrible pain that make me want to die... FUN FUN 6-10 days for me but eventually I may get my surgeon.....after I get my pain manager.....after I get detoxed from deadly Lyrica (and Roxicodone which I will be detoxed from by the time I get to detox)
Whats worse is how money rules the system. I was told by this detox that they dont take people who are already detoxed. They take people in "crisis mode" but since my insurance prepaid they'll make a bed for me and the poor junkies or tweakers who may die without detox cant get a bed....Typical.....
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