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Detoxing today to be detoxed for detox on Monday LOL!

I hope after these 10 day this pmd that they send me to will refer me to Dr. Goldstein. He's my only hope of getting out of this pain. I want them to fuse my Prodisc. They say its already autofused but I want pins & screws dammit! Autofusion isnt perfect! I need to get Goldstein to write me a letter saying he can help me! I think this new pmd will want to try antidepressants which I HATE! and the TENS implant! (Im not that lazy I cant remove TENS pads)
I cant believe Im going into a Detox even though Ive only been taking 15mg. Roxi ... THATS an ADDICT? My script was for 90mg. Roxi. Thats a healthy dose but I can get by on alot less BUT NOT NONE! Im afraid I may end up in a straight jacket fro the pain. It makes me literally bang my head on the floor when off my meds....

12/16/03 Work Accident
Herniation and DDD at L4-L5
4/1/05 Discectomy
Epidurals and facet injections
5/15/06 Discogram confirmed L4-L5 DDD also an asymptomatic L5-S1 tear
10/24/06 L4-L5 Prodisc surgery with Dr. Goldstein
CAT scans & X-Rays show ossification
Trigger Point Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, Acupuncture, Weekly Deep Tissue Massage
10/27/08 Discogram (positive L5-S1)
11/25/08 L5-S1 fusion with Dr. Goldstein
Liberty Mutual WC
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