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My first thought is to get another opinion, possibly a couple of them. The skill of the doctor matters more than you might think. If you're in worse shape than prior to surgery and your doctor claims there is nothing they can do for you - I'd say, dump the doctor.

I don't know where you live but ask this forum if they know of someone great in your area - or perhaps you can travel to one of the heavy hitters already recommended on this forum.

To keep it short, my nerve to my left leg was somehow disrupted (for a lack of a better word) during my surgery and other than extreme pain, I had no feeling in my leg and could not move it. They started me on neurontin and slowly it began to come back. After physical therapy, I'd say my leg is now about 60-65%. The time span was almost 2 years of healing. However, though limiting, it's nothing compared to my life prior to surgery and it does not sound similar to your symptoms.

I'm not a doctor and certainly no expert but it sounds like your doctor didn't do something right - or even worse, did something wrong. A second opinion is very definitely your next step. Good Luck - Dale
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