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It's told that good ideas are born out of necessecity... and I have a good idea. There is too much wrong with our country today, medical care being only one concern, but most, if not all, have a common link. We live in this great free country that has become anything but of, by and for the people. Power and money are the only true influences of our politicians. Deep pockets hire lobbiests to push their agendas, tempting even the lowest level public servants to serve themselves.

HMOs and others wield control through campaign contributions as well as other 'legal' political stradegy maneuvering. My question is, if our government is supposed to represent people. why are businesses allowed to compete against us? My idea is to pass legislation (fat chance) to completely elliminate all political intervention by any and all businesses, effectively giving us back our government. Though some organizations represent groups that individually cannot effect change, en mass gives them the power to compete and definitions would need to be well defined. But as long as HMO's are allowed to dictate medical care and while I'm on the subject, oil companies are allowed to price gouge because the polititions are being effectively bought off through legal bribary, we the people are most definitely not being represented.

So while we're battling insurance companies, perhaps our energies should also be directed at getting businesses out of our government's pocket.

Thanks for letting me vent and I'll get off my soap box now!
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