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Default Munich Hotel, Holiday Inn

I still call this the Queens Hotel. Diane and I stayed there when I had my surgery in 2002. It has since been bought by Holiday Inn, but they have not lost the character of the Queens Hotel. They still have the same excellent breakfast buffet that is included in your room rate if you get the AlphaKlinik contract rate. The Holiday Inn is slightly less expensive than the Sheraton. The rooms are not as 'upscale', but they are more than adequate.

It's a bit longer of a walk to the AK than it is from the Sheraton, but it's still just about 1/2 mile or so. Diane enjoyed the walk because it took her past a little bakery. She loves the pretzels. They also have a little deli and her favorite way to eat is like a picnic... a little bread... a little wine... a little cheese... a little more wine...

The Holiday Inn is an excellent option if you are going to the AlphaKlinik. Just like the Sheraton... during busy times, the contract rate is not available and the prices go through the roof.

The service we received was wonderful. There is a night clerk named Heiko who really went out of his way to help us. I still stop by to visit him when I'm in Munich, even though I rarely stay at the HI any more. If you stay there... please tell Heiko that I sent you!

If you are going in the summer... please check if your room will have A/C. They have been retrofitting the hotel... I'm not sure if the entire hotel has it yet. Updates anyone?

All the best.

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