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Default Symposium On LBP: Results of ADR *VIDEO*

Here is Carlo Bellabarta and some others discussing things that you would be interested in:

I thought this one was even more interesting because it shows the power of the mind and how it can POSITIVELY affect pain level and recovery.
It's called "Concepts Of Pain":

And much much more here:
12/16/03 Work Accident
Herniation and DDD at L4-L5
4/1/05 Discectomy
Epidurals and facet injections
5/15/06 Discogram confirmed L4-L5 DDD also an asymptomatic L5-S1 tear
10/24/06 L4-L5 Prodisc surgery with Dr. Goldstein
CAT scans & X-Rays show ossification
Trigger Point Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, Acupuncture, Weekly Deep Tissue Massage
10/27/08 Discogram (positive L5-S1)
11/25/08 L5-S1 fusion with Dr. Goldstein
Liberty Mutual WC
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