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I'm glad I had surgery.

ProDisc @ 3 levels: L 3-4, L4-5, L5-6

Two years ago in April 2007, by Dr. Bertagnoli, in Bogen Germany.

I was in horrible pain. My quality of life was more than compromised. I spent that Christmas before surgery in the hospital, due to horrific pain levels.

bicycle accident 6/01: 2 compression fractures @ T12-L1; vertibroplasty; 4/06: right hip labral tear & arthroscopic repair; 4/07: lumbar prodiscs @ 3 levels, L3-6 by Dr. Bertagnoli; 7/02/08: ALIF L6-S1; 7/30/08: reopened to remove bone cement, leaked onto S1 nerve root; 8/08: pulmonary embolism, double pneumonia, collapsed left lung, pleurisy, pleural effusion; ALIF fusion complete; 3/10/09: SI Joint Fusion by Dr. Stark; Jury still out.

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